Sunday, 13 May 2012


What it was, I couldn’t say
Cold, imposing, flecked with grey
Alone, unknown, it grew from clay
I tried to touch it anyway.

And though it was so strange to me
My muscle had no memory
It’s true they say for you to see
That this was what I used to be.

I would have clawed and scratched its face
But could not find it any place
I would have torn it to the ground
But a weakness there could not be found.

And in my mind it grew and grew
And lost in scale was I to you
And before this thing was ever through
A terror that I never knew.

I threw myself upon its form
Begged forgiveness, lost, forlorn
Prayed I would never be reborn
And beat my fists ‘till they were torn.

Awake, Awake, a voice did call
It was the darkness, that was all
Inside your mind I saw you fall
But you are changed and can’t recall.

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