Monday, 26 September 2011

Everyone's having a whale

I left 36 whale prints on the central line this morning.

I started out at Epping looking for an empty carriage that i could fill with prints, while i was setting them up some guy walked in, looked at me and walked straight back out again. The first few stops were the same with people avoiding the carriage but eventually they started getting on. Most people moved the pictures to sit down but ended up looking at them and trying to figure out what was going on.

It got busier when we got to Mile End and people started taking them, two women got on and collected a few as little sets, then some girls posed for pictures with them. I stayed on until East Acton, there were eight still there when i got off but twenty eight had gone. My favourite part was seeing a little kid clutching a print for his whole journey and taking it when he got off.


dailymoneysaving said...
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HayleyS said...

Loving your work Sam.

Did you get see many of their reactions?

I wonder where they will end up and what things the whales will see..

Alex Macieira aka Animajay said...

I fucking love this idea Sam! Well done dude, seriously! Awesome free art project:)