Monday, 30 May 2011

My new life.

Write rubbish, get stickers.

Dear Sub Pop,

I fully completely pre-ordered Diaper Island through i-tunes well ages ago and in no way have i received it yet. I see with my correctly functioning eyes that the very compact disc is absolutely out at this time in the US of the Americas. Is there some kind of Euro fraud going on or will it be depositing itself in my downloads imminently?

Polite Sign off



Hello Sam,

I apologize. It’s not our intention to disappoint you. We occasionally will delay a street date in European territories. The reasons vary. In an attempt to keep the physical retailers on an equitable level with digital retailers, we hold back the street date for all formats including digital. The Chad Van Gaalen Street Date in the UK is June 13

It’s certainly not meant to punish consumers for living in a certain part of the world. I can assure nothing too funny is going on here and you will get your Chad VanGaalen. I do thank you for your patience as well as your patronage.

Can I send you a sticker or two?

Intl Sales Sub Pop

Friday, 27 May 2011