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Another one of those HTML5 drawings using Mr Doob's Drawey Thingy

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Phonetically Reconfigured Tube Map (2)

So I've printed out a big version of my Choobe Maap and clever Michael has found a way to display it full size for web. You can explore it in MASSIVE DETAIL by clicking here

Here are some photo's of the framed version

Monday, 26 September 2011

Everyone's having a whale

I left 36 whale prints on the central line this morning.

I started out at Epping looking for an empty carriage that i could fill with prints, while i was setting them up some guy walked in, looked at me and walked straight back out again. The first few stops were the same with people avoiding the carriage but eventually they started getting on. Most people moved the pictures to sit down but ended up looking at them and trying to figure out what was going on.

It got busier when we got to Mile End and people started taking them, two women got on and collected a few as little sets, then some girls posed for pictures with them. I stayed on until East Acton, there were eight still there when i got off but twenty eight had gone. My favourite part was seeing a little kid clutching a print for his whole journey and taking it when he got off.

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Revenge of the cat hater (part two)

I've stitched "Revenge of the cat hater" onto a canvas for my mum. She doesn't like cats. It took ages and the back is all messy but i like it:

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New Bookmark

Realised i didn't have a bookmark so i made this one. Send me your address if you want one and i will post it to you.

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and away..

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My new life.

Write rubbish, get stickers.

Dear Sub Pop,

I fully completely pre-ordered Diaper Island through i-tunes well ages ago and in no way have i received it yet. I see with my correctly functioning eyes that the very compact disc is absolutely out at this time in the US of the Americas. Is there some kind of Euro fraud going on or will it be depositing itself in my downloads imminently?

Polite Sign off



Hello Sam,

I apologize. It’s not our intention to disappoint you. We occasionally will delay a street date in European territories. The reasons vary. In an attempt to keep the physical retailers on an equitable level with digital retailers, we hold back the street date for all formats including digital. The Chad Van Gaalen Street Date in the UK is June 13

It’s certainly not meant to punish consumers for living in a certain part of the world. I can assure nothing too funny is going on here and you will get your Chad VanGaalen. I do thank you for your patience as well as your patronage.

Can I send you a sticker or two?

Intl Sales Sub Pop

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Some people that look like other people

Here's my best of last years "people who look like another person in addition to looking like themselves"

BP's Tony Hayward looks like Piers Morgan

Justin Beiber looks wierdly like a young Donny Osmond

Thursday, 10 February 2011

King Of The Internets

Only went and finished my new website: King Of The Internets. Pictures below or visit it for really real <:here:>

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

html5 Drawings

I don't really understand what html5 is or why it's any different to the normal internet. It's all very small numbers and old gentlemen in spectacles isn't it? Anyway this dude called mr doob has made a really cool drawing thing which is well nice to use. I done a bunch of pictures with it and what not. You should go on it too, its great fun etc: I also want to draw everything in the world.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

No more recruitment lady

I had been getting emails from this lady at a recruitment company who was clearly infatuated with me. She knew my penchant for casual staffing arrangements and therefore set about wooing me with her plethora of casual labourers. All kinds of workers were offered to me over a period of weeks and I eventually succumbed and replied to one of her lust imbued emails. Typically the moment I wrote she clammed up and I have not heard from her since. I include our short but memorable correspondence below:

Hi Sam,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.
We have a complete, fresh range of designers, creative’s, copywriters, animators, UX’s/IA’s and more to suit your needs, so please let me know what you require! These are very strong candidates, the majority of whom have worked for us previously for top Digital and Ad agencies and come highly recommended from their previous employers.
I look forward to finding you the right candidate.
Kind Regards,

Hi Cher,

Thanks for your email, I had an amazing Christmas, well I say amazing, but lots of bad things happened. I am totally over them now and not at all traumatised or anything. Once you have been sectioned by the mental health authorities nothing can scar you to that extent again.

I live in London but went home to Slovenia for Christmas, Obviously. Slovenia is, as everyone knows, populated almost entirely by wild dogs, man are they fast! I will spare you the details but will just say, yes they got into the arrivals lounge and yes i smashed my head falling down the escalators! Anyway, two days later and with only three functioning fingers I'm out of hospital and make it home to discover that my cold frame had burnt down. You know cold frames? They are like tiny greenhouses that you put vegetables in to protect them from the cold. An example of a vegetable is a swede.

I cried for three days about that cold frame. How it caught fire is beyond me, it was made of aluminium and glass. Neither of which are particularly flammable. I had some aluminium scissors once, they were great, i used to cut my sisters hair with them, not that she wanted me to. Aluminium is very soft and doesn't hold and edge so her hair always ended up clumpy and with dried blood in it. I used to call the style clumpesque. Sometimes i write her postcards and address them to "clumpy" but then i have them delivered to my house instead of hers. I am nice like that.

So anyway i made it back to London for new years and AGAIN forgot to organise anything. I couldn't organise a chimpanzee contestant in a competition that involved climbing out of a giant bath. I could do the paper work no problem, in spite of my dyslexia i can write in an elegant and robust manner when dealing with the meritocrats over at the department of filling in forms. My problem is more man management, I just don't know if i could motivate a monkey to climb out of some giant bath. I mean, why would he, unless he were drowning, in which case i would say just hold your breath until the water rises to the top and you fall out. And anyone can do that.

Thank you for your kind offer to send me workers. If i was building a pyramid or cathedral with a design based around the features of my face i would definitely take you up on it, how strong are they out of interest? I wouldn't have the animators though, they seem to go off so quickly, even when you wrap them in cling film and put them at the back of the fridge where all those droplets of moisture are.

Anyway I have CC'd my good acquaintance Gille Klabin. He may well need some of your talent in LA. I presume they are willing to travel. Everyone is willing to travel everywhere these days. I walked to Stoke Newington last year just to get some milk. I forgot what I wanted by the time i got there though and ended up sleeping rough under an old carpet in a skip.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, I want to hear all about your festive holidays.

All the best