Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Human Log Book.

I am trialling a new idea. A human log book is much like a car log book, you can look back and see details about a persons history, in particular their relationship history. I surveyed my ex girlfriends to see what they thought about me and what they would tell other people about me. The details are below, I have left the information as it was received:

Ex #1

No details received unfortunately.

Ex #2

What were you like as a person: you said not to sugar the pill so i'm not going to but don't hate me in return, ok! inconsiderate at times, aka cherry tomato in your pasta salad is forbidden so i'm going home and stamping all the way home in a paddy rather than picking them out and saying thanks for spending your time making that for me! quite a bad host when having somebody visit, aka "don't complain about the temperature of my house, that's just rude, don't come round if you don't like it"...so i never did again and having to wait for tea bag to offer me something to eat in an entire weekend hence living off pasties from a petrol garage in Guildford. Too Busy cleaning your room or having Sammy and Rache time to consider future owners -although Rache is very cool and nobody can blame anybody for wanting some Rache time otherwise i will beat em up, heee!. Otherwise Artistic, Musical, Creative and Quirky, funny, some what sociable, thoughtful when buying gifts, aka sketch book and water colour paints, however can be unreliable aka i am going to call in sick at work because i want to stay at Gille's a few more nights and i have forgotten my insulin but i am sure i'll be ok!! SILLY! Oh and you have a friend that copies everything you do, so future owners will have to expect a copyright called Sparky, heee! What would i have changed: you'd be more available, less reserved/secretive, less stubborn, more considerate, balance your spare time out more fairly. For future owners i would say nice enough and definately funny enough and easy to find something in common if you have any artistic interest however don't expect anything serious to come of it because he doesn't do serious.

Ex #3

General Maintenance: - An overview of general thoughts Sam is a nice boy and is a pleasure to be around. This is evidenced by the fact that we are still friends now. Overall Sam is a good boyfriend and comes with my highest recommendation. One especially good thing is that he’ll make you cool things like drawings, books, and spinny things, which is very nice. He is thoughtful, attentive and fun.

Problem Areas: - be honest * Can be a bit too quirky/odd - whilst sometimes it is endearing, it can be annoying * Occasionally goes really weird, eg refuses to accept a birthday gift. There is generally a reason behind it (not necessarily a logical one), but it can be hurtful.

Recommendations - tips for any future owners Please look after this boy and be nice to him.


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LOL brilliant Sam, not a chance i would do that with my ex's.