Friday, 26 June 2009

Bed/Desk combo an unmitigated disaster

My future as a furnishings developer was left hanging in the balance last night after the catastrophic failure of the Bed/Desk development.

Initially intended as a multifunction device combining the comfort of a traditional king size bed and the structured workspace of a desk, the project now lies in ruins after a fourteenth consecutive sleepless night.

Earlier in the month concerns had been raised regarding the distinct lack of work accomplished whilst utilising the space, and the latest development looks to be the final nail in the coffin.

It's a disappointing end to an initiative that looked so promising early on, especially after the concept breakthrough which led to the change from a "desk that could be slept at" to a "bed which could be worked upon".

The doomed project failed to make it through any form of testing however as, fatally, it failed to achieve any of its goals, delivering instead an experience that made it virtually impossible to either sleep or work.

"Virtually impossible to either sleep or work"

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