Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Welcome to Watford

Watford is a funny place but by now i have started to feel a strange kind of affection for it. Above is my favourite feature of the town, i pass it most days on my way over to Mike's house. A completely naturally occurring stalactite of scum which resides in one of the many underpasses. I am not sure if there is any environmental protection to stop anyone removing it. I quite like the idea of taking people on tours down there in the evening, they look hideously beautiful in the fluorescent light.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Toast Musings

A lonely piece of toast will cook twice as fast as a piece that is toasted with a friend.
When chain toasting, the cooking time will reduce as the volume increases.
Higher quality butter melts quicker.
Sweet toast should always be consumed in even numbers, savoury in odd.
Fat fresh bread burns quickly, thin cheap bread burns quickly, find a happy medium.
Toast stacking reduces heat loss.
Perfectly cooked toast has its own distinct smell, allowing for blind toasting.
Toast tastes best when accompanied by a cup of tea.