Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Watford Course

Success! I have been admitted onto the Watford Course. The postman delivered my golden ticket before the Easter break so all that hair-clump-pulling-out after the interview was either fully justified and worthwhile or, didn’t have any tangible effect on the actual outcome. Various websites have suggested forgetting everything I know before starting the course. To that extent I have lost my wallet, forgotten my umbrella on several occasions and locked myself out of the house. Without wishing to question the experts I don’t feel as if I am reaping the benefits of these activities, not yet anyway. So until September comes I will be working overtime for the cold hard stuff and keeping my brain in gear mocking up ads and creating whatever else takes my fancy. If you have something to take my fancy, email me.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Filming Docu-View Pilot

So we started (and finished) filming the Docu-view pilot on Tuesday. The rain drops were happy just sitting in their clouds watching and although the sun made an appearance, Icarus could have been charging around in a pair of butter wings without having to worry about the temperature. Everyone that came along to help was amazing in spite of the cold and the amount of time spent standing around. We feasted on their creative talent, then their hollow shells were put to work carrying and lifting and generally doing what we told them. Did they complain? Not one bit.
The read through was done on Monday night so it was encouraging that people were still laughing at bits the next day. Sometimes its difficult to know if what you have written is funny when you wrote it in the first place and you have read it lots of times, so i really enjoyed seeing other people's reactions on both days.
I will upload the video once the editing is done.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Tony Cullingham is trying to kill me.

I went to another interview for "The Watford Course" and once again i was not able to eat anything for the entire five hours that it lasted. Last time we had a lunch break but there was nowhere to get any food. This time i brought my own food but there wasn't any time to eat it. If i have to go back again i will just allow myself to slip into a diabetic coma midway through my presentation, i think you get extra points for "bravado". Although i can imagine waking up in hospital with Tony ringing up to say that he had seen someone else do that before, very unoriginal. Even if you don't want to get into advertising you should go to one of these interviews, you get a talk on creativity, guidance counselling and a painfully accurate character assassination. By the end of the day you start to wonder if you have in fact been recruited by some sort of creative religious cult. Maybe you have. I have attached two stickers that i took along to bribe the interview panel, now i just have spend the next few weeks harassing the post man for a letter so i know if i got in or not.